IEEE International Conference on Software Analysis, Evolution and Reengineering

Gail C. Murphy
Gail C. Murphy, University of British Columbia, Canada    
The (Un)Expected Impact of Tools in Software Evolution

Abstract. A plethora of tools are used to help develop most software systems, including compilers, interpreters, test automation, configuration managers, issue trackers and more. Tools are also often the means proposed to solve software development and evolution problems investigated by software engineering researchers. Despite the importance of tools to software developers and software engineering researchers, all too often the impact of tools on the software produced and how the software evolves is not studied. This talk explores why it is time for software engineering researchers to move beyond the study of software artifacts to also consider the tools being used to produce those artifacts. The talk will raise such questions as whether and how the architecture of tools used might impact the architecture of the software built.

Frank Leymann
Frank Leymann, University of Stuttgart, Germany    
Quantum Software Engineering: The Dawn of a New Research Area

Abstract. Quantum computing is a new technology that recently raises a lot of interest in industry. We will sketch the essentials of this technology and its properties that make it so interesting for applications. But quantum computing is radically different from classical computing such that new approaches for building software that encompass quantum computing is needed. We will sketch such differences and suggest a first attempt of a lifecycle of quantum software. Also, some building blocks of a corresponding development environment and execution infrastructure will be discussed. Selective areas that demand significant research will be pointed to. Read more

Nicolas Frankel
Nicolas Fränkel,    
20 years in software: the bad, the ugly and the unspeakable

Abstract. In the industry, it's always an interesting experience to notice the drop in productivity of developers working on the same application across years. Depending on which stage a feature is implemented, it can take double (or triple?) the time. As software rots, there comes a time when it's less expensive to rewrite the application from scratch. Organizations don't want to face this issue: maintenance of existing software is a hot topic among developers of all tech stacks. Read more

Robert Wille
Robert Wille, Technical University of Munich and Software Competence Center Hagenberg GmbH (SCCH)    
Design Automation and Software Tools for Quantum Computing

Abstract. Quantum computers have the potential to solve certain tasks that would take millenia to complete even with the fastest (conventional) supercomputer. Numerous quantum computing applications with a near-term perspective (e.g., for finance, chemistry, machine learning, optimization) and with a long-term perspective (i.e., cryptography, database search) are currently investigated. Read more